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Setting different prices per quantity

The default behavior in the plugin is to multiply the quantity by the unit price of the service to get the total price. In some cases a non-linear relation of the prices and quantity is needed, for example to set a lower price after some quantity number. This article explains how to setup different prices linked to the quantity selected in the calendar.

You should be familiar first with allowing bookings for multiple quantity, we will need to modify the default price structure:

adding quantity dropdown

In this article we will implement the following price structure as sample:

  • Price for 1 person (quantity): $10
  • Price for 2 persons: $18
  • Price for 3 persons: $24

Before starting with the main steps, set the services prices to 0 and check the quantity set for the service. This is the related area (be sure to set the prices to 0):

adding quantity dropdown

#1- The first step is to add an additional drop-down with the same number of options than the max quantity in the calendar (each position number in the dropdown will be linked to the related quantity number).

#2- The second step is to add options with the total price number for each quantity (first choice linked to first quantity, second choice linked to second quantity, ...). See the following screenshot:

adding quantity dropdown

#3- Important: Add the styles "linkto_quantity" , "ahb_service", cp_active and "hide" to link the drop-down field to the calendar quantity and to hide the dropdown field (no need to make it visible).

The additional drop-down will appear only in the administration area, it will be hidden form the public website.

#4- When done the three steps above, paste the following script (can be copied below in this page) in the "General Settings >> Edit Scripts" area as displayed in the following image:

adding custom script

The following is the custom script you have to copy and paste into the "Edit Scripts" area:

Finally check the result in the public booking form, after selecting a quantity the new cost will be displayed in the form. To display the cost remember to check the following settings option:

adding custom script

Feedback about these features will be welcome, feel free to open a support ticket for any question.