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Adding service dependent fields

The conditional logic or dependent fields feature allows to show or hide fields depending on a user's selection. This article is a work around to extend that functionality to the calendar "Service" drop-down field.

As mentioned,the conditional logic can be used for example,to make a single field appear when the user selects a specific option from a drop-down field. Please read first the info about Using the conditional logic / dependent fields.

If you are already familiar with Using the conditional logic / dependent fields then the steps explained below are a workaround to set conditional rules (dependent fields) for the services defined in a calendar.

The first step is to add an additional drop-down with the same services defined for the calendar. The dependent fields will be defined for this new drop-down added. See the following screenshot:

adding conditional dropdown

The additional drop-down will appear only in the administration area, it will be hidden form the public website.

When done you should paste a custom script (can be copied below in this page) in the "General Settings >> Edit Scripts" area as displayed in the following image:

adding custom script

In the script you must indicate the ID of the fields that identify the calendar field and the drop-down field. The field IDs can be found in the form builder when you click the field.

The following is the custom script you have to copy and paste into the "Edit Scripts" area:

Feedback about these features will be welcome, feel free to open a support ticket for any question.