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Customizing the schedule calendar contents and colors

The Appointment Hour booking allows customizing the contents and colors of the information displayed in the "Schedule Calendar View". This post explains some of the most frequent customizations.

Let's start first indicating how to access the "Schedule Calendar View" and "Schedule Calendar List":

access to schedule calendar view

The post is about the "Schedule Calendar View", basically about changing its layout, the information to be displayed for the bookings, the color of the bookings based in the service or in the status and other options. This is a classic view of the "Schedule Calendar View" with custom colors based in the booked service:

schedule calendar view

The general configuration area for that calendar view can be located as shown in the following screenshot:

schedule data settings

The settings in the area that appears in the above screenshot applies to ALL booking forms. It allows to change the booking contents to be displayed in the administration area and the booking contents to be displayed in the public calendar if published. Warning! The contents for the calendar displayed in the public website are considered public, DO NOT include sensitive/private information in this area.

The "Advanced Settings" area in the above screenshot allows a lot of customizations to the calendar view, including using a smaller set of hours to get better use of the space in the day/week views, changing the default views and other modifications. Click the link "click for sample parameters" in that page for additional documentation on this option.

In the case you want to setup different settings for different booking forms, or if you want to set different colors based in the booking status or in the selected service, then enable the following add-on:

schedule calendar add-on

Then go to the booking form settings to see the additional settings included with the add-on:

schedule calendar configuration

The options in that area are for overwriting the general content settings and for setting the background colors based in the booking status or in the services.

Note that the events displayed in the Schedule Calendar View are the events that block the availability. If you want to change which event status block the availability (for example for adding the "Attended" status to block availability) then use the following settings area:

schedule calendar add-on

Feedback about these features will be welcome, feel free to open a support ticket for any question.