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Blog / Timezone Conversion: Displaying the booking times converted to the customer time zone

Timezone Conversion: Displaying the booking times converted to the customer time zone

The Timezone Conversion add-on available in the commercial versions of the Appointment Hour Booking plugin allows to apply time zone conversion for displaying the time-slots in the customer time zone. The converted times will appear in both the booking calendar that sees the customer and into the confirmation email that receives the customer and/or administrator.

With the Timezone Conversion add-on the time-slots will be automatically converted to the customer local time, making easier and friendlier to offer services to customers in different time-zones.

customer time zone

To get this feature activate first the Timezone Conversion add-on into the add-ons area as displayed in the following image (check the Timezone Conversion add-on box and click the "Activate add-ons" button on that page):

activating time zone add-on

With the add-on activated go to the form settings and in the latest step (Step 6 of the settings) you will see the option to enable the time zone conversion for the booking form being edited and the needed time-zone configuration field:

enabling time zone conversion

The time-zone configuration requires only to indicate which is the time zone where the time-slots are defined, usually the your timezone (administrator/service provider timezone). For your convenience the computer time zone is shown below that field. If you aren't sure of what to select into that field then select your computer time zone as displayed below the field.

With the steps until this point you already have the time conversion working for the times displayed in the booking form.

Now we can also include the times converted to the customer time-zone into the notification and/or confirmation emails. To do this just put the tag %apps_customer% into the email content (Message) settings. You can optionally keep the previous tags to have both the original time and the converted time into the email and the converted times can be put in both the email that receives the administrator and the email that receives the customer.

Sample email settings are shown in the following image:

time zone email tag

Feedback about these features will be welcome, feel free to open a support ticket for any question.