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Edition / Booking modification for customers

The add-on Edition / Booking modification for customers can be used to allow the customer modify the booked date or other booking info after the initial submission. Using this add-on you can give the customer a booking modification link into the confirmation email or into a custom list of bookings.

The first step to get this feature is to enable the "Edition / Booking modification for customers" add-on:

enabling coupon codes add-on

With the add-on enabled go to edit the form settings and into the "Add-ons" step you will see the following section:

double opt-in setup

There are the following settings fields:

- Indicate the address of the page that contains the booking edition form: This is the page that will contain the edition shortcode. This page shouldn't be accessed directly but through the edition links that will be generated for the emails and/or booking lists. Note: Important! Add the shortcode [CP_APP_HOUR_BOOKING_EDIT_BOOKING] to the page indicated into this settings field.

- After edited redirect to the following page: Address of the page where the user will be redirected after a successful edition/modification.

- If edition link expired redirect to the following page Address of the page where the user will be redirected if the edition link isn't longer valid.

- Edition allowed up to (hours before the booking):: Expiration time of the link, referred to the booked time (valid up to some number of hours before the booking).

- Protect Edition link with captcha?: The captcha isn't important for this option, but you can optionally use it.

- Display Edition Email Contents: Display an area to customize the emails sent upon a successful edition.

With the above settings completed, use the tag %EDITLINK% to add a edition link into the emails or the EDITLINK column name in the lists shortcode.

email verify link

Feedback about these features will be welcome, feel free to open a support ticket for any question.