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Creating a booking form for logged in users

The Appointment Hour booking plugin for WordPress can be integrated as a booking form for logged in users and can load the user data to pre-fill the booking form fields.

If you want to allow only registered users reach to the form just put the shortcode into a "private" post/page and a login will be required before being able to access to the booking form.

Now to make a complete good user experience you can load the logged in user data into the form using the datasource fields available in the form builder.

For example to load the logged in user email into the form first add an "Email DS" field into the form:

selecting form templates

Then click the added "Email DS" field and go to its properties to select "User Data" as datasource, "user_email" as value and mark "display data of user with user login", as indicated in the following image:

CSS editor

With these steps done the email field in the public form will be auto-filled with the logged in user email. The same steps can be repeated using other datasource fields to load other user info like the user ID or name.

In some cases you want to load the user data into the form but only for administrative purposes, so you don't want to display or don't want to show it to the user. If this is the case then just use the "Hidden DS" datasource field, it will load the required data but won't be displayed to the user, so you can have a clean booking form displayed to the logged in end-user.

Feedback about these features will be welcome, feel free to open a support ticket for any question.