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Booking multiple services for the same time slot

The default behavior for services into the same calendar is to share the availability (calendar instance seen as a single resource). This covers the more common cases of use where the services into the same calendar are referred to the same resource, for example booking the time of a personal trainer (a single person) for different services, or booking different services into the same room (single room). For these cases of use, if multiple capacity is set for the time slots, after booking a time for one service only other bookings for that service will be accepted over the same time slot.

This article describes how to modify that default behavior or use workarounds to cover different cases of use.

In the case the same time slot can be booked for different services, for example if each service is offered in a different room, you have the following options:

One solution, valid for all versions of the plugin, is to use different calendars, one for each service. Services on different calendars don't share the availability and this gives a lot of freedom to define other settings like the open times.

You can use different calendars in separated forms or into the same form.

In the case of using different calendars on different forms you can publish multiple forms into the same page or each form into a separated page, the process is the same for both cases.

In the case of using more than one calendar into the same form you may want to use the conditional display options feature for a better user experience displaying only at calendar at the same time depending of the selected service.

In addition to the mentioned options, there is also another solution (this one valid for the commercial version of the plugin) that allows to have separated availability for each service into the same calendar. This feature is named "Avoid overlapping between services" and requires only marking it to be able to book the same times into the same calendar for different services.

The location of the "Avoid overlapping between services" is shown in the following image:

avoid services overlapping

For support about the features described on this page or other questions post a message at this page. Feedback is welcome!